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Monday, 22 June 2009

Changing email address on your blog

Laurie from Rotorua

Kathryn and I spent about an hour or so on the phone with her in Hamilton and myself in Rotorua with my blog open in each place.
( luckily she has free calls to Rotorua home number)
Both watching what was happening on my blog.
Well ! we thought we had it cracked,
We worked through various things
and added another user to the blog
then took admin rights from the one address
and gave it to the other,
great we said it seemed to work okay.
We rang off and I thought better try all the admin stuff and post,
all okay, until I tried to post a picture......ugh.
This it where it all fell over.
It would not allow this to be done on a Gmail address.....
After some thought we have come up with the conclusion
the prime address has to be a provider address,
Gmail is a non provider, where as Yahoo is via Telecoms yahoo/xtra.
This all began to make sense as I worked through all the settings etc.
So we are back to square one with Blog on one email address
and messages on Gmail.....
Oh Happy Days

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helen-mary said...

I use blogger too and my email link seems to work. Set up a new button, "configure html/java script". Check out the blogger 'help' area for instructions. If you can't get it to work I will email you a copy of my code.