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Monday, 22 June 2009

Photo's from the Quilt Show

Machined panel was so delightful

Stepping stones with Japanese fabrics

Appliqued panel

3D Folded Fans

Crazy patch work done totally on a machine with machine embroidery stitches

I just adored these cows.

Mhairi is doing this one at present as a block of the month

A beautifullied stitched panel by Sugi

The batiks used on these butterfly's were beautifully selected, and Embroidered Anglaise was used on the other blocks which gave a unique look to them

This one won viewers choice, it was hand quilted with quilting done every 1/4 inch apart all over the whole quilt following the movement of the stems and flowers,
Alison who worked it says it was a chore and she is still wondering why
she ever started it !!! taking 6 months to quilt, about and hour or 2 every day.

It was a great show and worth all the hard work that was put in by everyone.
We were very busy from start to finish each day.

1 comment:

Ali Honey said...

Some lovely work there.
I certianly like the viewer's choice; the simplicity of the flowers makes it. Hand quilting is always wonderful and it's meant to take ages - isn't it?
The blues in the top photos are delightful.