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Monday, 3 August 2009

Continuing Car saga

I love this little guy just found him the other day
So the car saga
Sunday afternoon the manager of the local Hyundai Dealership arrived at the door
he bought lots of diagnostic equipment with him.
He spent 30 minutes fiddling and then took car for a drive he was gone ages.
On his return he said he could find no reason for all the trouble,
but would I please take it to the work shop Monday morning.
I duly did that today.
They gave me a very nice car from the forecourt
to drive around in for the morning.
On my return a mechanic had taken the car for a test drive
and WHEEEE!!!
it did the same trick for him.
Don't you hate it when something only plays up for you
and men look at you as though you are talking out the
top of your head because you are "only a woman"
and what would you know about the workings of a car
May be it is because we don't know the technical terms to say exactly what we mean.
So the car is still at the dealership and I have the courtsey car on my drive

So watch this space........

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