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Monday, 3 August 2009

What our children remember

I was reading Kathryn's blog today and picked this from her post
"When I was a little girl, I picked up the sewing bug from my mum.
She had always been sewing and embroidering for as long as I could remember.
She even did an evening class in sewing at one point
and got a little certificate etc, can't actually remember what the course was,
I was only 6 when she did it! But I do remember her going to college
and I even remember going to the college to see her there."

It is amazing the facts that children don't understand
or remember correctly from their childhood.
I remember talking just a few years ago to my sisters about just this point.
There was an instance in our childhood they had the facts all wrong about.
I was 16 yrs old they were 8 & 6 years old
I remembered the occasion very well
with an older mind and had to put them straight.
So please let me put the record straight again
about this little certificate.
I actually attended Kidderminster Textile College in Worcester UK
in 1975/6 for 2 years to take
HND in Embroidery and Design
(Higher National Diploma)
this would give me a teaching diploma
I remember struggling to juggle school runs for Kathryn 6
and childcare for her brother Iain 4
to enable me to attend 3 days a week 9am to 3pm
at the time we were a one car family just like most couples at that period of life.
It was during the 2nd year that the job in Kuwait came on the scene
so the final part of the course was taken as distance learning
I regret so often that I was unable to use my qualification
and that I lost the opportunity to apply to no less
the Royal School of Embroidery London to join one of their courses.
"A Little Certificate indeed "

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boysmum2 said...

I don't think I forgot any of that, think I got it all right, just couldn't remember what the cert was for.
Maybe you ought to look for a course to do here in NZ?