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Sunday, 16 August 2009

How do I photograph this

I decided after a few days of feeling grotty
and finding it was not the flu
but a bug on the inside of the tummy,
I am off to Dr's on Monday for test
to make sure it is not symonella or such

So I thought going to do the toy class would be okay for me

I have no idea on how to photograph this toy to show what it really does

it turns in on it's self from end to end and side to side.
it has 6 different fabrics and is facinating to play with....
I would like to say it was easy to make,
well it was really you just had to follow every
step of the pattern to the letter

Hey Presto it worked
It still needs the top stitching, blanket stitch
or the like or even something fancier
around each block to finish it off,
Will I make another ?
You have to be joking.

1 comment:

Isabella said...

So glad you got to go to your sewing day love that idea of the blocks looks like fun :0