Grandma and her boys

Friday, 14 August 2009

It has caught up with me

I was just saying last week how I had managed to stay clear of all the bugs this year

Whoops!! should not have spoken so fast.
I have had a few days of feeling not 100% with aches and tired.
Boom!! yesterday it finally hit me, after continuous paracetamol
and drinking copious pots of tea,
I have had to give in and stay in bed today.
( I can't remember the last time I had a day in bed)
It is amazing it always happens when is not convenient
today I was to have taken care of Ellis and Harvey
as they had a teachers only day at school.
So I had to call them at 7 am to cry off.
I feel quite bad about this
It has to be for the best that the boys stay clear for a few days.


helen-mary said...

I always find that a few Kevin Costner movies make me feel better about laying around all day. Feel better soon!

Isabella said...

Sorry to hear your feeling so unwell Laurie, I hope you will be beter for your class tomorrow to do the block toy.

Ali Honey said...

Not Good! Get well soon my friend.
What I have seen today would have cheered your heart. ( Tga Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition )