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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesday is a complicated day

Wednesday is my Embroidery Guild day has been for 8 years
We meet from 9.30am through to 9.00pm or any part of the day you wish to attend.
The training for the Guide at the Museum clashes as it is a Wednesday also, but never mind I attend training in the morning till 12 noon and then go on to Guild, so I pack the car with various bags for each place I will be attending.
Today started great I was up early and ready early, no rushing or panics.
I duly did the training drove to Guild and looked for my stitching bag...whoops left it by the front door where I put it the evening before so as not to forget it in the morning .....So I have had to come home and will return to Guild for the evening session.
I think I will go back to the rushing and panics it seems to work better.

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Isabella said...

wow thats lovely what talent