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Thursday, 6 August 2009

What am I doing lately

A few months ago I was approached by a friend who is a Guide at the Rotorua Museum
she suggested I would make a good Docent ( Latin for Guide)
I thought about this for a few months, I did not go into it lightly.
Finally after many emails from Anne Sommerville ( Docent trainer)
and receiving details and training programme by post.
I finally decided to go along and see what was what.
The training is quite an intense 13 weeks, so it is not to be taken lightly.
This intake started training on 1st July
( there is no more trainings organised for a couple of years due to
enormous renovations and building taking place )
so I went along and registered.
thinking I would just see and make a final decision.....
But I was hooked on the first meeting,
we are into our 5th week now and I am loving it.
I have learnt so so much and am surprised how much I can retain
( I thought the old brain was full up already but no!)
We are a group of 13 and such diverse people from all walks of life and age.
We have been on field trips besides training at the museum itself.
This is a picture of us at the Buried Village it was actually freezing cold so we are a bit wrapped up, what a crew we look !!

I am sure we will wash up good, and look great in our dress code
when the time comes.

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Isabella said...

Sounds like you sure do have fun Laurie sounds like a really intresting thing to be doing