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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Just a catch up

This last week has been in a bit of a whirl.
I have been so busy and not a moment to stop and think.
Between watch Ellis playing soccer to going for a scan on my arm, quilting and trainings and baby sitting, blogging has not been on the menu.

May be you remember my sewing machine went into the menders, well it returned and I have not needed to use it until Quilting day, first thing I tried was to fill a bobbin with a different coloured thread...not such luck, for some reason the computer did not want it to do it.
So, I can not change stitch or position of needle...computers are okay some times but at others they can be a curse. but I managed to finish This :

There is no prize for the answer to this question, but if there is someone out there who can tell me why I made this? it is to big to sit besides your machine or even anywhere else, as you can see from the photo that I have taken with a tea cup. But it is pretty may be that was the attraction in the first place.

I watched Ellis (8) play football Saturday morning...he is good ! they won their first match but got knocked out on penalties on the second round was a knockout comp...... it was so sad they all cried, he was heart broken, they were no doubt the better team , they scored in first half then on final half minute the others got a very lucky roll into the goal...... it almost made me cry for them there were tears in the eyes of other Mums and Dads and the trainers.... on top of that it was cold and raining quite hard so they were all like drowned rats but they played there hearts out.

Then on Sunday he went to the end of soccer season prize giving , he won 2 medals and a certificate but the big one was he got the "Golden Boot" trophy for scoring the most goals for the season, he was walking 10ft tall, well done Ellis. I am one proud Grandma. Will post a photo of him and his awards when I get one or should I say when I manage to take one.

This week was Kathryn's 1st wedding anniversary, on her blog she posted this photograph one I have not seen before it is so lovely I am going to show you all.

Now for my Scan, about 4 months ago I was hit on the top of my left arm by a lift door when it closed, I had bruises and it hurt but nothing that I felt a need to worry about...but now it is painful and getting quite weak. So a trip to the Dr's was called for... I have now been for a scan and xrays and I need to visit an Orthopedic chap this next Monday, as I have a damaged Tendon which has now calcified... hopefully he can cure this by injections and we don't have to go down the operation road ... fingers crossed.
Last week was my last training for the museum, I am now qualified as a guide and this Wednesday is my Graduation Day.. I have to give a talk to an assortment of people from other guides to the curate of the museum, yep! my knees are shaking already.

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