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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mowing the Lawn

I bet where you live is just like where we live on the weekend some one is always out in the yard banging and hammering, weed wacking or mowing the lawn, always a racket going on.... never silence and peaceful, most of the time I don't mind these sounds of life going on and I would guess you all have these days as well
Well !! I can beat your stories hand down..
Yesterday evening after a glorious day around about 7pm it was dark and from across the street came the sound of mowing, I could not believe my ears and went out to investigate and low and behold on the new subdivision a home owner with a fairly large plot was mowing in the dark.
He had head lights on his ride on mower and was gaily mowing oblivious to every thing, I wanted to take a picture, but it would have been very obvious when the flash went off,
so I decided I better not and crept away home again.

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Isabella said...

You have to be kidding mowing in the dark, sounds like a kid with a new toy MEN AND THEIR TOYS :)