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Friday, 23 October 2009

Glasses the kind you see through

I have been wearing glasses since I was in my twenties, so have had to many pairs to remember.
I have had square ones, oval ones, Black, red and blue ones

Gold and silver ones, Rimless and with rims, I have had bifocals since I was may be in my 30's.
I have tried trifocals, and all the different lens they produce at one time or other.

While in Dubai there was a very good shop and they were really good, they tweaked the prescription until I could read okay, they made me ones for using with the computer ( which I still use)

This year here in NZ I had to have a new prescription again, I decided that now I can't see without my glasses I really need two pairs the same, not depending on my old ones as back ups.
Easy you may say.... yeah! it was, had a eye test and chose a new spare frame and would use the rimless that I already have, what is difficult about that ?

New frames were perfect could see and read okay.... the rimless with replacement lens... uhmm! have had problems with the reading area it has not been on the 3rd set of lens in this frame in 6 months.

Finally returned to the optician today and we have started at the beginning again...eye test.... Which has turned out to be slightly different than last test but not enough to cause the problem.

After a lot of giggling about with the test he has finally worked out that the centre of the bifocal in the rimless are in the wrong position. so test was really for nothing , and problem was at the work shop.
So next week when I collect them with new lens in again...keep your fingers tightly crossed please.

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