Grandma and her boys

Monday, 5 October 2009

It has been a whole week

Life seems to have been at gallop this week, no time for blogging, what with consultant appointments for my arm, shopping for fabric, and food ( seems it is essential ) Kathryn and Steve coming for dinner one evening and staying over night as the weather was so bad that they decided that heading to their caravan was best put off for a day.

Baby sitting for the other grand kids,

A day sewing silky pillows for Breast Cancer Patients with Inner Wheel ladies.

Going to Embroidery Guild for the day

A day along with a friend doing another friends quilt top who has a special birthday at the end of the month, the week has just flown by.

I also took tours at the museum
So today I have to catch up on the house work, before I start on organising a requirement list for tomorrow evenings meeting of Rainbow Quilters, for a tutorial I am doing at the following meeting, mind you it is more of a demonstration really so that makes life a tad easier.

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