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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Past projects

I was looking in my sewing room at all the various projects I have there.
Remembering when and where they were made, looking at the way things have changed especially the fashions in needlecraft, When I came across this item:
A Clown in a Box

I made this when we were residing in Spain some 6 years ago, the lady who made it originally bought it along to a sewing group we had formed, every one fell in love with it and " Bingo" she ran a pattern off for us all. We did not do it as a class we just made it up at home.

Now before I could suggest to members of Guild here in Rotorua that may be it would be fun to see old projects that they / we have done in the years gone by,

Someone said that is so neat and would make a good class project.

The upshot being it now seems I am running a class in November to make the Clown in a Box, I do hope I can find the pattern or I will have to start from scratch and draw one up.


boysmum2 said...

There will always be a home for a little clown here in Hamilton!

Isabella said...

Looks great Laurie wish I could do that class