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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A bit of a laugh

My daughter Kathryn had a joke on her blog today and I have just remembered a good one on the same subject...Death

The Will....

Albert left a clause in his will that all his money be buried with him in the foot of his coffin, in case he should need it on the other side.

His wife dutifully told the lawyer she would honour his wishes.

On the day of his funeral after the viewing of the body she placed a small carved casket in the foot of Albert's coffin, returning to her seat she began to giggle, her good friend and companion Vera asked her why she was so amused at such a solemn occasion, quietly she told Vera she would tell her later after the cremation was over.

Vera could not contain herself any longer and immediately the coffin was in the hands of the crematorium, she turned to her friend and said " Okay tell me now why you are laughing"

Angelina could hardly speak for the giggles but finally managed to tell her friend about the clause in the will. Vera was devastated and asked her what was so funny for she had carried out his wishes.

"Oh yes " said Angelina " I carried out his wishes, I wrote him a cheque for the total amount in the bank account".

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