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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oh my Gosh!!

A few weeks ago I had to send my machine to the repairer.When it came back it was better than when it went but no quite perfect.
Last week at Quilting it decided to stop again and computer would not work, although I could stitch straight stitching okay but could not change any settings or stitches...
So back to the repairer it went last week....
They were surprised and asked if it had been dropped...
I could not remember dropping it for the life of me, surely that is something I would have remembered.
On Monday this week I remembered it fell off the front seat of the car when I braked at some traffic lights
so I had to ring the shop and tell them, I can tell you I felt really stupid making the call, but the people at the shop said they quite understood, senior moments happen to us all, seems he is the same age as me.... What a nice man...
Seems it could have been fatal for my machine they are looking at it for me.
but it seems the computers main board may be damaged.
He also gave me some rather good news that I did not think of will be covered by insurance as it was an accident, so here's hoping with all fingers crossed as it was the top of the range machine..

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Isabella said...

Oh I hope that all works out for you Laurie.