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Saturday, 17 October 2009

The meaning of Green Fingers

Today being Saturday every one is in their garden especially as it is may be one of the best days we have had this spring so far. All the windows are open and the sun is shining it makes you want to get out into the garden.
So I decided I would do a small area that is looking decidedly neglected, armed with some plants and tools I started to make a rockery from the rocks that are all over the garden, to help me do a professional job I thought I would have a new pair of garden gloves, really nice ones Green and orange so they don't get lost when you take them off among the weeds and plants or end up on the compost.
So I worked for an hour or two, and decided it was time for coffee so on removing the gloves.....low and behold !!!

The true meaning of green fingers...the dye had come out of the new gloves.

All I need now is a remedy to remove the green so far washing in all sorts of soap and other household stuff has not worked. My next move is a weak solution of bleach


Ali Honey said...

Well what you planted should grow well with those green fingers! We started of with that lovely morning too, but it was raining by 2 pm and later thunder.

Shame about the machine. A good idea would be to strap the machine in with the seat belt so it can't move far.

Isabella said...

Gosh be carefull dont use anything too strong or you wont be able to stitch with really dry skin, at least the plants will do well with you being green fingered and all :-)