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Sunday, 18 October 2009

What am I doing now

This pattern was purchased at the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair...

Like I really needed to do another stitchery quilt ??
I seem to be very drawn to stitchery quilts lately may be it is the love of both the Embroidery and the Quilting all rolled into one.
So today I cut the fabric for the stitching above and managed to draw up 4 of the panels ready to sew.
I must have one of the largest collection of threads there is and would you believe I needed to purchase 5 of the 25 colours required.. so I am all set to start.
The good thing about stitchery is that you can sit anywhere and do some, if the weather continues to hold for longer than an hour may be I will get some sunshine in the garden for an hour or two in the not to distant future.

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boysmum2 said...

For only 5 threads then I would have found a close match in my huge stash and not bothered to buy the new ones!