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Friday, 20 November 2009

My Advent parcel has arrived

My Advent parcel arrived yesterday  from Bell in Tasmania and I have opened it and put all the 25 parcels into a basket ready for 1st December, this is going to be exciting...

I have one confession to make, I actually opened the main parcel on the work surface beside the sink in the kitchen and would you believe a small parcel that was loose inside the main package dropped out straight into the sink and into the fresh hot washing up water, I dived in quickly and retrieved it soaking wet,  so had to quickly remove the wrapping paper, but it came to no harm at all, I am sure you can see which one it was Bell, in the picture......

Thank you so much it is the first Advent countdown I have had for many a year.


Jo in TAS said...

Now don't go dropping anymore in the water! It's going to be a fun December

Isabella said...

Love your new photo on your profile
so glad your parcel has arrived safely and I hope you enjoy all the little presents.