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Friday, 20 November 2009

Things I am and have been doing

I seem to have been really busy in the last couple of weeks... Christmas has already started I have done my second  seasonal lunch and it only November 20th.
Besides eating lunch I have a birthday supper this evening for my very good and lovely friend Mhairi

I have been making her a gift a " project pouch" when you do embroidery sometimes the project is quite small and it is always useful to have a pouch to keep it in and all the threads tidy,  when you go out you can just pick up the pouch and "hey presto" it is complete and all together.

I have also been making other crafty things, Hetty a lovely Dutch Lady who also is an Embroidery Guild member showed us a beautiful box she had made.  It had three tiers and opened along the side, difficult to discribe. ,
Now she has a sheet with some instructions on, it was also with out a few of the measurements for the small box sides and had  no picture.  I took a few measurements and left the rest to now I am blindly trying to remember how it goes is the start
So watch this space as the saying goes....

On our Friday evening get togethers we often do a project...
Sugi came with this one 2 weeks ago,  she had cut out all the pieces for each of us,  told us to bring our sewing kits and threads...and here is mine finished.  An embroidered white mouse he is about  4 inches long, he is made of felt and has bullion knot roses and bead decoration. I could not decide on which picture to publish so you have them both.

Back on the subject of food ...
tomorrow is Kathryn's birthday BBQ
I was speaking to her this morning on her the mobile phone, the conversation went on the lines of
" Mum have you had chicken pox?" my reply was "yes,  years ago" she continued  " Oh! good because Holly the daughter of the host of her BBQ  has developed them today"
...there was some noise in the back ground so I asked   "So where are you now Kathryn?"
"Oh! I am at the Hospital emergency department with the neice of the same friend Lisa   because she has had her  fingers trapped  in a door, Oh! and by the way Mum, Gary the Dad of the neice is hobbling , because he has just had his Knee operated on"

Believe it or not the friend is still hosting the BBQ tomorrow
Some people are made of very stern stuff.

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boysmum2 said...

Hollie has spots where you don't want spots! Oh and conjunctivitus! Tanisha now has a finger back in place after being a very brave girl at the hospital for mum and dad all day, she is 3 1/2 yrs old and so brave. Time will tell if she keeps the end of her finger! Her dad, Gary had an arthroscopy last week so is hobbling around. Yes we are all made of sturn stuff in this village, or at least the village of us, the Reid's and the Rush's. It was quite a day today and we all deserve the party tomorrow.