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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

15% surcharge

Yesterday I fell foul of this,
Some restrurants have started charging 15 % surcharge on bank holidays, if they are taking part in this practise they have to post a notice to say so ... But
I stopped for a drink and a snack at a garden centre on my way back from the caravan...
Tea and a scone  had been ordered and was in the throws of being served, then when asked for  $9.50... you can imagine I gulped a bit ......when I asked why they did not inform customers of the surcharge beforehand, every one just shrugged their shoulders..... you can imagine I was quite annoyed as the cafe did not advertise the fact that they were charging a surcharge... If they had advertised the fact, then the choice would have been mine to eat there or not... but I do not like being duped into a situation like this .

I  worked out that I had just paid $6.00 for a scone, so beware when eating out on a Bank Holiday in New Zealand.
Sorry to say they have lost my custom  at  Decor Gardenworld‎  Bethlehem  Tauranga


Ali Honey said...

Oh dear you should have come to my house for a piece of Christmas cake! I would have been in the orchard but you would have found R closer to the house. (I worked till almost 6pm last night, to finish the block I was working on. )

I haven't been to that establishment for many years....we have such good choice around here.

Isabella said...

Gosh Laurie that stinks dont think I'd be going back either