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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Busy Day...Well trying to be

So today is the day after, the day after, the day after Boxing Day, now that does not sound right but yesterday ( Monday) was a Bank Holiday as Boxing Day fell on a Saturday which means that the first working day takes on the Bank Holiday so every one is getting an extra days holiday or time and a half pay , and in some cases a day off in lieu.  I bet you are glad I pointed that out.
So what I am really getting at,  mainly that today has that  Monday morning feeling although it is Tuesday, and I am having trouble concentrating on anything..
I have cleaned the camper van and done the washing ( now it is raining !!)... put away the put away stuff,  I have to do all this straight away because putting it off makes it a worse job in the end to do.
I have spent awhile looking  at the gifts I received, and need to show you this...

This lovely bag was made by Bell ( my Advent Swap partner)
this was my Christmas day gift ...Thank you soooo much.

I managed to water the garden ( before it began to rain )
and there in the pond to greet me was this water lily

even the fish were up and feeding, I have not seen them for ages

The garden looks good and here is one of the tubs,
this fuchsia is looking lovely

The old galvanised bucket from the fire is looking great as well

So after walking around the wet garden in the rain I realised weeding has gone
out of the window, also window cleaning  was  a waste of time with the rain,
cooking is not necessary, quite a few left overs to eat up.

So a comfortable chair and some stitching seems to be the only course to take.
I have finished my first panel of Quilting Mouse by Nikki Tervo

so a good opportunity to start the next

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Isabella said...

Love it Laurie its soo soo cute