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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Spirt

I have been having difficulty in getting into the Christmas Spirt this year,

But I must admit that this  Here has helped and made me feel more in the mood.

I have sung all my life but for the last few years I have had to give it away, as I had a really bad chest and throat infection 5 years ago which caused damage to my vocal cords and I can no longer sing well, this was my all time favourite Christmas song that I used to sing when a member of a choir.
On a different note:
I really am having difficulty with the PC of not mentioning Christmas as the birth of Jesus, and refering to it as a seasonal holiday, or just the Winter holiday season as they now do in many European countries lucky for us in NZ it still has it's true meaning.
The PC brigade will want to take away Santa I will defend that as well....


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