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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Merry Christmas to me........Merry Christmas to me

Ho! Ho! Ho!...Hum!

Yesterday I picked up my new sewing machine.....

but just look at the was over kill, and you can only see the main boxes....all  the polythene is inside the big box

Could not decide which picture so you have both

Okay the machine it's self had to be protected but .......
There was unbreakable pieces of plastic wrapped in polywrap then Bubble wrap then in a small box, with in a box
I though we were reducing the amount of rubbish we are dumping...this came from USA,  so okay a long way to come but triple packed plastic come on !!! This has to be my worse experience of over wrapped
May be we should start refusing items that are double and triple packed...I have also notice lots of items in the supermarket also double packed and they have not travelled from outside of NZ.

So do you remember what was your worse experience of over kill on  wrapping  ?

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Kristin Grønbukt said...

Must be an advanced machine with all that wrapping!
Hug Kristin, still in Spain, but hopefully not for long.