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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Okay, so that is Christmas over,  I hope every one survived and Santa was good to you.

I was reading through January copy of a magazine and of course they have to fill it with something and they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, and they pay someone good money to do this.
 I am in the wrong job where do I sign up for this persons job.
 So.....Just in case you are at a loose end with nothing to do they suggest this,  obviously aimed at the lady of the house.
.New Year, New Start
Now that the holiday madness is over, why not take some time to get organized? Learn how to calm the chaos with these simple decluttering solutions for your home. Try these ideas:

Kitchen Duty
Transform your storage space by using door-mount spice racks and vertical racks for pot lids and baking sheets.
Designate a food preparation corner on one of your longer counter tops and store frequently used cooking supplies in the cabinets above for easy access.
Clean out that pantry! Sort your canned and boxed foods into groups like breakfast and baking so you can locate them in a pinch.

Merge and Purge
Tackle every drawer or cabinet where you may be hoarding paperwork and sort it into three piles: Toss, Shred and File.

Separate your File pile into categories, such as taxes, insurance, receipts, etc.

Create labeled folders for the categories and, if you're really feeling motivated, assign a color to each one for quick identification.

Conquer Clothes Clutter 
Hold your own in-home fashion show. Try on each garment in your closet and separate into piles to Keep, Repair, Donate or Discard.
Toss mismatched hangers since irregular shapes tend to take up more space.
Wash or dry clean out-of-season items and store them in labeled bags or boxes until they are needed again.

Beat the Basement Blues
Clean out the old junk that will never be used again such as damaged furniture, carpets, clothes, paint cans, etc. You'll be amazed at how much more space you'll have!

Develop a shelving system and use plastic air-proof bins and baskets for storing and organizing your items. Clear bins work best so you can easily see through them when searching for specific items
I bet you are really glad I posted this blog and that you bothered to read it, and I am sorry,  but it was a bit of a slow news day


Isabella said...

WELL I DID READ IT not saying I'm going to do it though :-)

Unknown said...

in a perfect world we wouldn't need to do that because we would already be doing it daily...but who says the world is perfect and who died and made it law that it must be the women who do this? Must've been an arrogant male species who wrote the article, one of those chauvinist pig styles..ugh on them.