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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

An Introduction

I would like to introduce you to Chivers,
Now Chivers was a brand of marmalade in UK and a good pricey one at that.

But the Chivers I want to introduce you to is this one....
I met this Chivers last week on visit to the SPCA, not to get him but for another reason and he was georgous... I have always wanted a marmalade cat and he is the closest I have seen, well may be a little lighter ..... more Champagne colour and white.
I always knew if I finally found the right cat he would be called Chivers.

They told me his history when I first saw him and how they would have to keep him for awhile incase he was claimed.
I finally went back today if he was still there I knew he would come home with me  and he was,
so 45 minutes later he was in a KatKarry and in the back of the car.

He is 5 yrs old and abandoned by his owners when they moved away from comment.... they don't deserve one.... and it may be so bad if I did that my blog would be  shut down I am sure.

It took him just 10 minutes to be right at home, he loves cuddles and is so clean, purrs all the time so loudly, we are going to be great friends...
Grandson Harvey (5) thinks he is just great when he came today to see him he bought him some Kitty Treats and Chivers just rolled over to have his tummy tickled.

This is him while I write this post and check my emails, talk about staying close.


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Laurie, Chivers is just gorgeous. I would of taken him home too!!! Looks like he has settled in very well. We have 2 Champagne colored cats too. I have a favorite magnet on my fridge 'Dogs have masters, Cats have Support Staff'!!!

Sheryl said...

Hi Laurie, aren't you the luckiest lady to find a cat like Chivers, he is a darling and such a beautiful colour, he looks very happy to have a loving home.
Loved your poem from the other day it sums up my Christmas cheer season perfectly, better go for a walk now....

Isabella said...

He is lovely and soo settled gosh now you have made me want some decent marmalade I allways had chivers as a child. :-)