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Monday, 4 January 2010

Good feeling

Well ! I did it, I washed all the outside windows in the rain, and did most of the inside ones, you can actually see the outside world now.
I got very wet...but loved it, as it is actually nice and warm,  even the rain was not cold.
I looked at the car which could really do with a wash but decided enough was enough of getting wet for today.
So I came inside and felt so righteous I made some sultana scones they were a bit flat and did not rise to the occasion ..but taste good. So have invited Prue for afternoon tea

I was cleaning away the dishes from cooking and lifted the measuring cup and for some reson turned it upside down...OH NO!! it had half a cup of flour in it, that I used to roll out the the kitchen floor had a wash as well. So I deserve a cup of tea and a scone or two.
I am going to endevour to do the sewing room after I finish my cup of tea and writing this post.
I hope you are having a nice restful day, or if you are working a productive one.

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Isabella said...

gosh you make me feel lazy with all the work you have done.
send a scone over please if it's half as good as your stitching it will be great maybe make that two scones :-)