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Monday, 4 January 2010

Another bank holiday

This holiday seems to be going on for ever all these 4 day periods because of the weekends being involved with Christmas and New Year...I am not complaining it is great for everyone who works.
We have a change in the weather and it is actually raining.... well a little, it has cooled off, but still hot,   so a good time to clean some windows and a spray off  the outside of the house...I just love playing with the water hose, I may even make it inside and do the windows but of course not with the hose !! .... I hope you noticed the "may".
So, this morning looks like I am going to be  cleaning.

In the afternoon..... it is into the sewing room, where I must sort through the fat quarters, I have used quite a few over the last couple of months and have not been to tidy when putting back those I have not used , consequently they are in a bit of a mess colours all mixed up and piles on top of the tray that don't belong there.

I would like to show you what I have been making with all the quarters but due to my friend Sugi losing her Dad ( He made it to his 100th birthday earlier in the year ) just before Christmas then her having  to fly of to Malaysia for the funeral we did not get to have our gift exchange that's our  Friday Night Girls, and if I show you what I made she will see it before our exchange on 17th.

A lovely picture of Sugi I took on her 60th  Birthday a few months ago.
So I must away and get on with all the chores while I am still in the mood and not waste anymore time at this machine.

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