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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day at the beach

Today we ended up at Ohope Beach close to Whakatane
When we left home at 10am today Claire, Ellis, Harvey and myself
 it was not to go to the beach..
We were to visit my brother in law and his family camping at Lake Rotoiti.. we drove and drove visited campsites and could not find them...
we came to the end of the campsites I knew of...
so we finally made a decision to continued on to the coast.The moral of this missive is "Take the name of the campsite with you"

Never mind we had a great day at the beach.Now Claire is not a water baby at all and normally does not get wet let alone "Boogie Board" but I have pictures that tell a different story.

This has to be easy

Just in case no one believes us this is Claire out deep with Ellis.

Harvey in the campervan he had had enough of swimming for the day

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Deb said...

Laurie, what a beautiful looking day. I can smell the sea air and there is nothing like it to relax and enjoy life with. Lucky you.
hugs Deb