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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

You have to see these pictures

You just have to see these pictures... Now I never doubted for one moment that I would get it has just taken a while that is all, you know how life gets in the way sometimes.
The sewing room is completely turned out and put back together, I have a list of things I need,  you know the sort  of thing, containers, more shelves or another bookcase.
You can see every inch of the floor and I managed to vacuum it, there was not to much noise when the pins shot into the Dyson. The bin is no longer flowing over the side.

Bets on how long it lasts ..... No save your money I can give you the answer......... tomorrow or next day it will begin to look like it's self again... but I will try very very hard to not just pile things on the surfaces... may be I will just use the floor it is a much larger area.

Okay, just have to start on the cupboard now and all the fat quarters and the UFO's  and try and make some order out of chaos in there.
That will not be so bad as I am an "Aries" 
Aries  like things in neat lines, so I just love to get the iron and stand and refold and line up the quarters into their colour range containers, I just have a problem with keeping them like that ... I am always in a hurry to start a project and unused ones just end up back on top of the containers and fall or are pushed aside when I am on the hunt again.


boysmum2 said...

Warehouse have some bookcases for sale at present due to having their back to school sale on. You ought to go check it out

Shari said...

What a beautiful sewing space with lots of lovely light... hope the view out the window is good!

Narelle said...

That explains why I must iron and fold my dyed fabrics into nice neat squares, lol.