Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 21 January 2010

How not to start the day

We are in the throws of a storm and a half here.....rain like we have not had for a way it is good...BUT!!!

I woke up at just after 6am to an almighty bang in the garden and got up to see what was going on ...table and chairs all over the yard and a couple of flower pots rolling around ......decided I need to pick up the umbrella which was in danger of getting broken.... so opened the door, by the way we  have to tie it back when open or it will close on it's own  ....YES !!! you can guess while I bent down to get hold of the cord to tie the door ..whoosh the door shut

There I am outside in just a nightie and no glasses so can't really see properly......with no other doors around the house unlocked ... so had to go across the street  to the neighbours, who are up ( early risers as well ) to get the spare key ...all ok!.....  all good but when I put key it in front door ... Oh no !! the CHAIN is back I go for bolt cutters and then I am in ...not a good start to today..... all this before 6.45am  the day can only get better.


By Hoki Quilts said...

I'm sorry Laurie but the images conjured up while reading your post made me laugh. Sounds like we both had a bad night.

Shari said...

One can only laugh and get a hot cup of tea! Just shows that life is full of adventure whether we want it or not!!