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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I do just that

I realise you are going to end up reading this message before the next one...which was the first one posted.... if you have not read the first one do so now and come back to this one......

Yes! I use the best china every day....most people coming to the house for the first time always comment on this, and I say it is for using not looking at that is why it was made in the first place.

I wear  my good jewellery and clothes I  keep nothing "for best" if I like it I bought it to wear not look at in the wardrobe.

There are somethings I want to do...the first one I organised yesterday A Train Tour of New Zealand.
so with a couple of girl friends on 2nd March for a week we will take all
the trains available to us from North to South Island.
And I am determined to go to some other places I have been hankering after seeing
in the next few months be it in NZ or Overseas.
Prue and I have been booking for concerts and any thing that is going on around us...
with an almost " to hell with the cost..we want to do it" 
So don't hold back with " I will one day" that day may not be there.

You may be saying to yourself has this email made me do this...
NO is the reply, it is because I have seen so many of my friends and acquaintances
die of breast cancer in the last few years...
BUT the main reason is I am a SURVIVOR of breast cancer,
I had my mastectomy 25 yrs ago....
So ladies please have your mammogram when your notice
 comes through or your smear,
It can save your life ...
 I know of so many ladies who say
 " but I am older or had an hysterectomy years back. " or
" I don't need a smear"...the answer to that is YOU DO!!


Ali Honey said...

I agree with most of what you said here; but not wearing your best clothes everyday - in my case they would get ruined - I guess orchard and garden work is a bit grubby and things get snagged.

The planned train excursion sounds fabulous. I want you to share all the details when you have done it cause we would like to do something similar.( especially the Hamilton to Wellington and across the Trans Alpine.)If you are going as far as Dunedin we loved the Taeriri Gorge Excursion.

Isabella said...

You go for it girl. :-)