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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Now my house is a Lockwood which is a house designed by a Dutchman who lives here in Rotorua
These houses are completely made of wood inside and out. Almost on the lines of a log cabin.
I just love wood and am one of those people who has to feel it with my hands all the time.

I remember going to a Wood carving exhibition and standing next to a stall of items for sale,
 all the time feeling, smoothing and touching the exhibits , when the chap who was selling  them said
 " I can see you love wood, by the way you need to feel it"
I am obviously a tactile person with a need to touch and smooth wood........... But I digress.....

Now the kitchen is painted egg shell blue, I love the colour blue but not in the house I feel it is a cold colour and the kitchen needs lifting.. it needs a warm colour and also a lighter colour to add light to the room as it is an internal area, so has no windows.

So today a painter came to give me an estimate to paint
 the cabinets a warm stone / cream colour

I had considered doing it myself but the more I look at it
and see the 24 drawer fronts and cupboard doors back
and front the more I have put off starting...
So I have finally asked a few painters for a quote to do the job.
So watch this space as they say !!


Jenny said...

Snap.... we live in a Lockwood house too!! I just love your local shop, when we occasionaly stay in the local Motor Camp with our caravan, I always find time for a visit.

Jenny said...

2nd comment from me. Can you please let me know how you get the posting time up on your favourite blog list? It certainly makes it easy to see who has posted when, doesn't it.