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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stitching day

A group of ladies came today to stitch, we had a good chat and did some stitching, we all supplied a plate and had a good lunch, we are going to meet at Bev's house next week for the same.
After everyone went home Sugi and I took a trip to Cottage Flair our local patchwork shop.

Sugi needed to choose some fabric which you know does take awhile,
so I had time for a good browse around, something that I have not done for ages.
I saw some neat patterns and fabrics but I was very strong and did not succumb,
but we did see a neat cushion pattern that we both liked
so we are going to share this.

This picture on the pattern packet  really does not do it justice.....
but it is in the shop made up  as a sample,
if I had not seen it made up I would not have been interested in the pattern at all.
It is amazing what a having a made up sample will sell.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Laurie
what a beautiful cushion pattern - good spotting. That's going to keep your fingers busy for a while.