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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Motivated... Oh! Yeah.

I posted a few days ago about what I was hoping to get done...

Well I did achieve a few things .....I altered a couple of pair of Capri Pants to fit,  took them in YES!!  they were to big this year  Wheeee!!! Shortened a few tee-shirts ...why oh why ? do they make all tee-shirts so long in the body, when you are only 5ft 2 inches they keep the rear end warm.
but the sewing room went by the board so I thought if I posted some pictures of the areas that need attention it will make me feel really guilty and motivate me into doing it. So here goes.

A small area of the Fat quarters needing sorted folded and filed it actually goes all the way across a 2 metre shelf.

A pile of " where the heck does all this live"

Yep! beginning to work I feel guilty already
* * * * * * * * ** * ** * * * * ** *** * * * * * * * *     
Chivers, now there is close and close, this is getting to close especially as he seems to like to press the keys,  while I am as well.


Ali Honey said...

Hello new Puss cat. He looks like a good companion.

Love the joke.

We do so need rain...also for a day is rather relentless at the moment.

Narelle said...

Welcome to blogland Chivers ... you are adorable!

Good luck with your sewing room! I've been tidying one small area somewhere in the house, each day since January 1 but then we went away for a few days so need to get back into it.

Isabella said...

Where do you get all this energy for cleaning ? I have to buy some