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Monday, 11 January 2010

Summer time

I just love the summer and am not complaining, but I will be so pleased when the end of January arrives so life can get back to what is normal.
All the groups I belong to close for 2 months all of December and January.
Embroidery Guild, now this attended by shall I say,  older ladies,  a lot living on their own and who do not go away for the whole of the summer, this day we meet is a high light of the week for some of them also company for a day, not only the older ladies but all who come, not many if any have young children...besides Grankids, although a few may do sitting duties for these during the holiday period most don't.... So I am sure they would appreciate not being closed for so long.

Patchwork also closes, I can see the reason that some are here this week and others the next and the group would be small in numbers for a few weeks, but the same goes for the ladies who attend this group as the above one..

So on Wednesday I have decided to have a stitching day here at home and invited some of the ladies to join me, so if you read this and can make it come along and join us ...bring a plate for lunch.

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