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Saturday, 9 January 2010

The first step

Chivers has been champing at the bit and going wild in the house he was getting quite out of control and almost climbing through the glass on the windows...
So I decided he needed to go outside... he seemed desperate.
So I took the bull by the horns, took a deep breath...I felt like a mother allowing a child to cross the main road on their own, and opened the door.
He took a very slow a look around and  purring loudly looked at me and stepped into the big world.
For a whole hour I though he had gotten lost and looked every where but then this pathetic meow appeared at the door and in he waltzed.

The guide line from the SPCA was 2 weeks inside...I would have had a neurotic cat on my hands by that time...he lasted just  3 days. He has been coming in and out for a couple of hours now, so guess he is on his own now. I have relaxed as well!!

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Jenny said...

Hi Laurie

What a beautiful cat. I can imagine how you felt letting him go outside, but....he came back.
We took our cat away in the caravan this Christmas and it worked very well. Mind you, she was safely tethered with a harness and light lead when ever we took her outside.
Muffy is an old girl at 14 and extremely placid.
Jenny from Upper Hutt