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Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Busy Few Days

A few blogs past I mentioned having the colour of the kitchen cabinets changed.  I got various quotes for doing the job, then decided may be I could do it myself...but after sensible thinking and a few other reasons thrown in...decided on the professional painter. So I arranged for them to do it.......Sorry,  will be March before we can start..okay say I no problem, whats a few more weeks I have been dreaming about this day for 8 years now.
So the eggshell blue is going ... wheee!!
So there I was tucked up in bed having a lie in on Thursday 8am when a telephone call came from the painter .
 " we have a job fallen over do you want your cabinets done starting in an hour?"

So a leap and bound out of bed and a quick cuppa...there they were ready to demolish my kitchen.
I had a picture that I had torn from a magazine many years ago of this beautiful cream about a dreamer...when  Rob ( the painter ) saw it he said he could make the cabinets look like that but transforming the kitchen from a 15ft kitchen to a 25ft would take more than his expertise.
Good I thought we have a gent with a sense of humour, we were going to get along well.

So all the doors were removed and whipped away to be sprayed, and before I could make them a cup of tea the sanding of the frames was done and a "hold tight stuff" was painted on so the new top coats would adhere to the frames.

I am so impressed with these chaps Rob and his son Jarrad not a drip landed on the floor or the walls, and it would have shown as they are wood. They also said there was no need to empty the cupboards about clean workers I am again ultra impressed.
So I will empty each cupboard into the dishwasher after all is finished ...  cupboard by cupboard and replace ... great no packing up and living in the mess of crockery all over the living area.

Egg shell blue to Solitaire pearl sheen cream, in other words blue to cream.
So in 2 days we have the frames with 2 coats on and needing a 3rd and the doors will be back on Monday.   So watch this space for the transformation.


Chookyblue...... said...

the cupboards look great.........cheaper then a new kitchen........esp if the cupboards are in good condition..........

By Hoki Quilts said...

Laurie, you are so lucky to find two workers that are not only prompt but tidy with it. I have been waiting for a plumber (there are two in town) to come and fix our water pump, (it has a leak and we are on tank water!) since early December - and yes I have phoned and done the unhappy dance. They say next week - we'll see!