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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Misplacing something

I have had a week this week, what with scans and xrays, and yesterday another  injection in the ever continuing shoulder saga, and things have just not gone  my way.....
But misplacing things really does annoy me I am usually in complete control of where things are and where I put things...I was always the one to find everything for the family when they lived at home, or  could tell them where to find it...typical Mum.
Bet you are all the same in your house my pet saying " If it had teeth it is so close it would bite you" while they held open the wardrobe door shouting " Mum I can't see it".....
The tables turned on me this last week...I borrowed a magazine from Sugi 
an Inspiration Magazine...not a cheap one of course.  I looked for it to take a copy of something and could not find it, I don't remember removing it from my bag in fact don't remember putting it in at her we have both been on the hunt...
 In our group we all buy different magazines and share them as they are quite expensive to own them all...and who needs them all.
So I have been through this house with a fine tooth comb..... in fact I was begining to doubt my sanity...
Whee !!!! finally found it this morning I have a basket by the side of the sofa which has lids and someone had come for coffee while I was on the phone and they picked it up in the lounge and read it but thinking that was were I kept magazines popped it in there for me...there are a few in there I must admit,  then closed the lid.
I guess the reason they did this is because I am quite a tidy person when it comes to the lounge, (got this from my mother).....she always had to have somewhere tidy to sit unexpected at night she would plump up cushions and remove all debris so the place was ready to receive anyone who came ..."guess old habits die hard "

This basket has quite a history I bought it in America when we were living there in 1980"s and it has travelled all over the world with me, I lined it myself and it  has held my hand sewing for ever and a day, so quite a dear old friend

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh you poor thing, it get one in such a flap when things can't be found eh?
Went and paid for all the new furniture from the warehouse today, delivery tomorrow. I just hope the flat packs are easy to assemble.