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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First day Back

Today was the first day back after the long summer break for Embroidery Guild, although I must admit I only called in to the day part as life had caught up with me and I had numerous jobs to do and messages to run I decided I had to for go Guild this morning...was a great feeling to get all the things done though.

But I managed to get along to evening guild, we were a small number but it was fun to catch up with every one.

One thing we have decided to do was have a supper rota... we used to manage with biscuits but they were really uninviting and we deserve some thing nicer, so each week one person is in charge of supper does not matter what they do, it can be bought or home made I must admit mostly it is home made and always yummy..

Today's offering was Passion fruit tarts and Apricot fruit loaf.

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