Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Todays Smile

I just had to smile at this my Grandfather was Scottish and I could well believe this may have happened

Did you hear about the thoughtful Scotsman who was heading out to the pub? He turned to his wee wife before leaving and said, 'Margaret - put your hat and coat on lassie.'
she replied, ' Awe Jock that's nice - are you taking me tae the pub with you?'
'Nay, Jock replied, I'm switching the heat off while I'm out.'


Jenny said...

Hi Laurie

I had a Scottish grand-father too who hailed from Glasgow. When we did our big OE we travelled through Scotland and I must admit that I really felt at home there, just loved all the grey stone buildings and walls. Sadly my grand-dad moved away when we were quite young so I do not have many memories of him.


Isabella said...

I'm from Glasgowand to be truthfull I only know one gentleman who would do this and he is Australian, sits with his leather jacket beenie and a rug on so he doesnt have to switch on the heater. :-) :)