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Saturday, 20 February 2010


I am sure your house is just like mine full of treasures.. I was talking with a friend the other day about treasurers we have in our homes, not necessarily valuable things, but things that mean a lot to us and why. So I will show you a couple of mine. One I made and one I was given.

This is a slate with a Tole painting on it.
My husband had just started working for an American Company and was in Hector, Minnesota on a "get familiar" course before we headed off to the Philippines to live 18 years ago ( I was in UK packing as normal).  The head office was away from the factory in the town centre above a drug store, he took a wander down  on his break when he was in need of air, and found this and thought of me immediately, I have hung it on our bedroom wall in which ever house we have lived in ever since, I have copied it in watercolours and also tried to copy it in stitching but not successfully on the later.

Another piece of work this time worked by myself...... when we lived in Wapakoneta Ohio USA about 25 years back, I had nothing with me in the first few weeks there,  until boxes arrived. I was bored silly we only had one car and Eric needed this for work ,
so there I was in a small rented,
1 Bedroom  furnished apartment, I could wander to the local town centre
but there was not a lot of shops.  
 There was a small general store that sold all sorts of things you name it they sold it but only a few of each type of thing, but they sold some threads and some Aida fabric but no patterns.
So with the aid of a sewing magazine, some threads and a needle, I managed to design this bell pull. The one thing that sticks in my mind is that I had no scissors
and had to walk again to the store to get some.
I always said I would frame it better but have never had the heart to change it,  it still has the same piece of curtain cord and a small doweling rod...
 so here it hangs  looking exactly the same to this day as the day it was finished.

May be another day I will post a couple more treasures.

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Ali Honey said...

They are both indeed treasures!
I have just read 3 blogs at once, so sorry I did not know till now that you were unwell. I think you have had an attck like that before???? or was that shellfish? Do get yourself checked if you are not completely right really soon. I am sending Best Wishes for a speedy return to health!