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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fabulous time by the Intrepid Travellers

 Prue and Mhairi, and myself the intrepid travellers at some ungodly hour at Wellington Station
We had a fabulous time travelling through New Zealand, the weather could not have been better, not to hot but very pleasant, the downside was the wind in Wellington and we needed to have on a jacket of some sorts to be comfortable.
The Train was an experience..but then that was what we were doing "an experience" It was very comfortable and the dining car was stocked with good food and drink.
It was great to see NZ through different eyes ..  areas that you can not see by car, you know the back of places.
The viaducts were interesting .... not so great for me,  I have a height problem not my own height ( all though I would always have liked a couple more inches) vertigo sets in over  two storeys high as long as I looked straight outwards I was OK, there are quite a few 250ft + viaducts.
Check out some here Viaducts

Luckily Mhairi could take the pictures while I turned looking into the the carriage.

So after 9 hours there we were in Wellington, after a very interesting night spent at a backpackers directly opposite the station our  alarm rang out at 5.30am to get to the ferry to cross to Picton, we had a great crossing and have not enjoyed a breakfast quite so much as that one on the ferry, by the time we got to it we had been up approx. 4 hours and our stomachs were growling loudly.
Picton  has changed since I was last there, wow!  how it has changed  there is now a marina and lovely shopping streets, the promenade is all redone and everything was very pleasant and welcoming.

Later that afternoon we boarded the Tranzcoastal train for Christchurch,
but I must stop here before you become bored.
So next installment tomorrow  ....hopefully

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Ooops just found this post. it's so great to see the 'out of the way' places without having to concentrate on the road isn't it?
hugs, Miche'le