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Monday, 1 March 2010

Visitors and concerts

Anne and Martin arrived safely in Rotorua but not with out trauma......
They were parked at the Karangahake Gorge just outside of Waihi in a public car park, actually sitting in their car eating lunch when a couple of real "low life"  flicked open their boot ( trunk) and stole handbags from there and made off with them...lucky some else in the car park saw it happen and they called the police immediately giving car description etc......good out come they got them in the next small town Paeroa, so after a lovely weekend here in Rotorua they have left to drive back to Paeroa to collect the handbags  almost intact ...they ( low life) had spent some of the NZ money in a bar  but all the foreign money was all intact and cards etc.  
The other inconvenience is that Martin cancelled all the cards with in 30 mins of all this happening, so they are now left with a month here in NZ and another month in Australia with just a cash card... he is praying that no machine swallows his they are apt to do. I do hope this has not spoilt their whole holiday and they can at least put it to the back of their minds till they return to the UK.

We spent a wonderful evening at the Hamilton Gardens at the Symphony concert  yesterday, which ended in an amazing firework display, one thing we do well here in NZ is fireworks.
Thank you to all who prayed for the good weather our prayers were answered
it was a beautiful evening.

Now I have to get organised for my "Big train trip" tomorrow


Ali Honey said...

Bon voyage!

Our young ones from UK had a tiny incident when some block grabbed the wrong suitcase off the baggage thing at the airport and we had to chase him to his car...he hardly said thankyou. ( wonder if he meant to take it ....???? )

Beatriz said...

Gees! I´m so glad to have found you. Loved your blog and the way you think, express yourself, I´m glad you´ve been willing to share them.

I´ve just started my third blog, meaning to evidence that people, all over the world sew and make quilts and the more "local" they look the better.

Be sure I´ll always be around here. I´ll be proud to have you coming visit me.

Beatriz said...

I´m delighted to have found your blog! I love the way you express yourself - handwork, thoughts and feelings.

I´ve just started my third blog enphasising how important it is that our work shows "local color". But, now tell me: what "local color" really means in your case? Just kidding.

I´ll be here often and will be proud to have you coming visit me.