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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Last post on the Train Trip

On the train trip we spent a couple of nights in Christchurch and one each way in Wellington...
Wellington first.
We had a great room in a Back Packers by the station as we had to be up at some unearthly hour to get the ferry and on the return journey the train.
We managed an evening walk around ....We saw all the sights one has to see  Parliament, courts etc etc. we walked the shops lucky all closed as was 7pm in evening, but we did ride the cable car up the hill to see Wellington from the top where it was very windy and quite chilly so out came the trusty nylon jackets.

While in Christchurch we were to early for the Flower show and also we left before the Chinese New Year evening in fact on the morning of the day..shame .....but here are some pictures of the models that would be illuminated that evening I bet it would have been lovely. They were all made of silk covering wire frames.

This really was a great journey and can recommend it to anyone, especially if you have trouble travelling in a car...on the train you can get up and walk around etc. and $50 from Auckland to Wellington where else can you travel so cheaply.

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Ann said...

I found a pattern for the Ohio Star, Laurie, and have started it this morning. I want to use up the FQs I've had hanging around for years!

Your train journey is something I would enjoy, I want to do a similar thing in this country when we no longer have pets, but not for another couple of years I hope, our dog is 14 and going strong :>)