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Friday, 19 March 2010

On the style of William Morris

I have signed up for a applique class a wall hanging in the style of William Morris at my LQS Cottage Flair at Ngongotaha ...... as I have never really been taught to do it properly, only what I have taught myself.
So yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours making 64 strips of bias 1/4 " x 8 1/2 "

I am so pleased with myself as all the fabrics came from my stash and so far I have had to buy absolutely nothing.
I won't show you a picture I will just keep you updated on my progress, then if it does not look like the original you won't know any different.
The class actually started on 2nd March but that was when I was travelling on the train so I have a lot of home work to make up before the next class on April 6th...Alison Whittle the tutor has offered to give me a little session on Sunday so I know what I am doing, the strips are preparation, seems I am suppose to have all four boarders done by next class......I wish !! they are each 30 inches long.
We have a "sew in " day for patchwork group on Sunday and Alison attends our group how useful is that I ask you .

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