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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Quilting and me

I just love any thing to do with Quilts and Quilting.
Only of late in fact for the last year, I have been off of it, may be I got a bit quilted out one way and another. I quilted in Dubai for 3 yrs almost none stop day and evening where there was nothing else to do...I am not a beach person like some of the ladies there were and I could only shop for so long.... unless it was the fabric souk of course.

So getting to the point...our Quilt group has started a "History of Quilts Group" where we will study the history of quilting in all sorts of way  and also making a hand pieced quilt  as we go of the blocks we study... This sounds great to me and am looking forward to our first meeting, which by the way will just be 4 times a year. Rather than making quilts with blocks because we like the look of them... this way it will be interesting to find out some history of them and of fabrics that were used around  the period of the blocks emergence.
I just hope this will wake up my enthusiasm that is in the doldrums at present when it comes to actually getting down to doing something quilting.

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