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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A tour into Quilt history

A group of 14 ladies from Rainbow Quilters have formed "A History of Quilts " group
we are getting together every 3 months  so just 4 times a year.......when we will each have had a topic to research, and we will tell the group of our findings, we had our first  meeting tonight and we had talks on many subjects  to name a few:  The History of Needles, The Log Cabin Block, The Sewing machine, The Dresden Plate Block and The  History of NZ Quilts,  They were all amazingly  interesting and I for one learnt so much.
We are also going to make a quilt each in older type fabric of the blocks we talk about...could be an interesting Quilt  there is no hurry to finish it so in a year or so we will each be able to show and tell.
We hope to document our meetings so we can leave it in our library for future quilters to see what we did in 2010.

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Ali Honey said...

Did you know there is a lady in Tga who has a sewing machine museum, in her house basement that can be visited ? - lots of really old machines. ( there is one in Whanganui too )