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Monday, 29 March 2010

What a full on Weekend

This weekend was the Punto Antico Class given by Marjorie Irwin
This was my work station
16 of us took the class and what a full on 2 days we had do not show you what we actually did as a lot of the work was from the back and is now covered up with stitching...but my brain knows it has worked besides my fingers for 2 days.
Here are just a few of the ladies all heads down

Linda, Nicola and Mhairi
A lot of intense work went on and it was a quiet weekend as not a lot of talking  ... everyone was engrossed in their work
Beth, Ina and Hetty
Hetty saw the camera so looked up, Beth then said "Bet that will be on your blog tomorrow"...guess what she was dead right.

My practice piece, more work is under the fold that is not visible, but so much work went into this practice piece that I will actually make it into something shame to waste it.

Work so far on the actual piece, it may be a little while before I post the finished item... but I am determined to finish it while my brain is still in gear.
Hopefully one day mine will look like this section of the finished artical.

On top of the 2 full on days, I baby sat  Ellis and Harvey over night Saturday while Mum and Dad went to the Fireman's Honors Dinner, so you can imagine the morning on Sunday with boys needing breakfast and me trying to make sure I had forgotten nothing all by  just after 8am.  So they were dropped of at home on my way to the class.. but hey it all worked out well and they were very good they knew Grandma had to be out half past early so helped by packing their bags ready to go.


By Hoki Quilts said...

What a great class, the samples you have shown look soooo tempting, well done you. Isn't needlecraft a great hobby, we just keep on upskilling - there's no end.
Still waiting for my stumpwork book so maybe I should just focus on that first.
hugs - Miche'le

Ali Honey said...

Oh, wow that is fabulous stitching.....I haven't done anything that intricate. Congratulations. The teacher's sample looks really good too.

(Sorry about pre empting your B'day - hehe - don't add 2 numbers.)

Ann said...

I've never heard of Punto Antico before, Laurie, it looks gorgeous.

Argery Araya C. said...

La felicito le ha quedado muy bonito su bordado, ami me gusta mucho ese tipo de trabajos ,que Dios la bendiga un abrazo a la distancia