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Monday, 12 April 2010

It makes you so so so cross

I went shopping on Saturday morning and used the camper van as transport as it was on the drive not parked in it's usual position, and car was in the garage.

I parked it in the large car park at the Central Mall...
This is what I found on my return from the super market.
Someone had either backed into it  or hit it as they left the car park to my left,  clipping the rear light and scraping the paint work. then driving away... I had been gone may be an hour so it was no good looking for witnesses... and of course they did not leave their name or number for me to contact them.

OH!! it just makes you so cross and frustrated.


By Hoki Quilts said...

There are some real ratbags in this world and it's clear the ratbag that damaged your campervan it's too great at driving, let alone being a valued part of society.
breath deep my friend

SandyN said...

How sad.... it is very frustrated when people do that and drive away.!!!

Sandy N

Ali Honey said...

Now that's not fair. How very very frustrating. Let's hope their vehicle was damaged too.