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Monday, 12 April 2010

A Very Busy Weekend

I have had a very busy weekend..
Saturday I went to a lunch and talk by Gaye (Nee Burnett)  a daughter of a local couple who has taken a trip to Antarctica...she had the most wonderful pictures of her journey and was such an interesting speaker...she is a great fan  of the trips of Sir Ernest Shackleton here is a map of her journey.

Sunday morning I attended the start of the Ngongotaha Fire Station's Open day.
Just a few pictures of Iain and family all doing there bit on the day ...Iain is the one with the microphone.I expect you all know he is a volunteer fireman and how proud of him I am.

Showing you how to put out a fat fire in the kitchen

Harvey helping Dad sell fire alarms
Ellis on the children's education give a ways

Claire getting ready for the onslaught of customers for hot dogs tea and coffee
It was a real family affair.
It seems very quiet as this is also early in the morning as I am off out in the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon saw a few of us driving to Whakatane to visit Ribbon Rose...
Now Ribbon Rose is a Embroidery shop in Ellersley Auckland, we here in our area are very short of such shops .......Steven Furlong  was kind enough to come to the area for the day and half his shop with him and set up in a hall.... every embroidery guild in the area had notice of this and many people went along to was like Aladdin's cave and Christmas all rolled into one, there was beautiful books also that we just do not get to see in the area...
only on line and it is not the same as seeing in the flesh so to speak.....
I managed a fair amount  of linen and other fabric for embroidery.( amount spent is a secret)
The drive across was beautiful and the weather was just lovely it took us about an hour to get there., there was even tea and cakes when you arrived.
There is one piece of linen that has been hand dyed like a rainbow but it is so pale in colour that it does not show up in a photo...which is a shame as it is delightful colours.
I should have removed linen from packets but to late now.....sorry.

We are looking forward to him coming to Rotorua in the not to distant future.

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